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broken dreams and shattered bones by ShutterBug97 broken dreams and shattered bones by ShutterBug97
Completely inspired. This guy is completely amazeballs. I didnt mean for it to turn out so similar, but this is just how it ended up.
Tomorrow I will be uploading my favourite picture from the camping trip so far. I think it will also be the last. I took a few others but im not really digging them so ill just file them away for now. I'm really excited to show you guys tomorrow's photo. Im really proud of it.
There was a bushfire in my neighbourhood so now there is a dead/burnt/awesome area that i am definitely going to photograph.


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Copyright Azrael Cosgrove 2013
Shot with a Pentax K-r

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WHATisYOURobsession Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2015
Not too similar at all. The brown shades stand out more here where his dusty mossy greens stood out more. There is more rock in the foreground in this one with more forest in the background. The main focus in his was the forest. I believe you took something that inspired you and made it your own. I think you did an excellent job. : )

I like the way the clothes match the scenery (similar to his, but yours blend better while still contrasting, where his matched but just stood out very starkly contrast. Lot harsher stand out). Where his showed only a few bodies in different arrays, yours contains many, sort of piled on each other, which to me makes me feel like it's more of a massive desolation from old times wars. His felt like a battlefield today. I like the way yours feels. Bodies just scattered everywhere. It's very powerful in a subtle way due to the subdued and calm coloring scheme. I say brava. *pretends there's a clapping icon cuz I'm on my phone and can't find any and knows I'm too lazy to come back later and fix it haha)
Smoko-Stock Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013
Thanks for the link back to see how you used my Stock. Job well done.

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